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    Healthy at Work

    You need to refresh " health at work " read our expertise advice to prevent burnout?

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    Personalized Pharmacy

    Your Health Platform to direct you toward the right health solution

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    About us

    Discover more about our pharmacy

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    We are prepared to propose you customized quick “drop in” solutions

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    Young woman

    Come and meet your pharmacist who will help you look after your health capital!

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    Golden age

    We specialize in preventive health for our customers in the 60+ age group

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From The Blog

Apotheke –Bossy in Baden takes personalized approach

Dam for water in the lake

Stream your energy

Stream your energy by using your energy effectively. It is about channeling the flow of energy to any part of your body and out into the world around you. Sit back, breathe easily, release tension and guide energy through the body. The body is like a rechargeable battery. To begin, make yourself comfortable, keep a pleasant

May 05, 2016 Admin

If you want to live forever, move to this Italian town.

You just have to read this article from New York Post written by Raquel Laneri ( April 12.2016). “I was at the beach, and I saw all these leathernecked, tanned people in their 90s and 100s who looked nine months pregnant and were smoking cigarettes,” the doctor tells The Post. Intrigued, he began asking questions,

Apr 18, 2016 Admin

Time to enjoy some fresh air!

Time to enjoy some fresh air while getting yourself in shape! Lets suggest some activities that are great for your muscle toning and for your body and mind; There are many reasons why to sweat when doing outdoor activities. If time is a problem, we all can find 10-minutes for a quick workout and very

Apr 15, 2016 Admin
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